Film greats SIR Ben Kingsley and LORD Richard Attenborough paid tribute to late actor SIR Peter Ustinov at a memorial service in London yesterday (18NOV04).

OSCAR-winner Ustinov passed away in March (04) after suffering heart failure. A month later (APR04) he was buried in Bursins, Switzerland - his hometown for 33 years.

At a star-studded service in St-Martin-In-The-Fields, Attenborough, Kingsley, SIR David Frost, Michael Parkinson and Terence Stamp listened to Ustinov's daughter TAMARA read an extract from her father's play THE LOVE OF FOUR COLONELS.

English chat show host Parkinson laments, "He was a remarkable man, a really lovely man - God's gift to talk show hosts."

Stamp says, "The strength of his presence was such that all the things I wanted to say were squashed in my throat."

19/11/2004 19:28