Sir Ben Kingsley has written an email to his five-year-old self after his actor son urged him to reach out to the child inside and reconnect.

The Oscar winner spends so much time preparing for film roles as an adult that he rarely considers going back in time to revisit his youth, but when his son explained how rewarding it was for him to reconnect with himself as a boy for a role, Kingsley decided to give it a go.

He wrote a little something on the way to tape U.S. late night show Conan on Monday (29Sep14) and sent it to himself.

He explains, "I wrote an email to my five-year-old self this morning... and it said, 'Dear little Krishna' - because my birth name is Krishna... 'Randy is driving me in his black Mercedes along Laurel Canyon and Mulholland Drive to Warner Brothers Studio, where I shall be on the Conan O'Brien show, talking about The Boxtrolls, which has been a great hit. It is very sunny here. I am still pinching myself. Thank you for everything'."