Sir Ben Kingsley was able to get into the head of his horrible Sexy Beast hitman Don Logan by giving the villain a back story as an abused child.

The Oscar-winning Gandhi star had to dig deep to find the heart of his nasty character in the 2000 film and reveals he could only perfect the killer when he realised his awful childhood was partly to blame for the person he had become.

The Brit explains, "He was an abused child who has never healed and went on to abuse others. As soon as I realised that, one, I cared for him, two, I understood him, and, three, I felt that if I can keep that little engine of truth inside, the audience, maybe, are gonna be touched by it, reached by it, moved by it... People are not born evil. Something is done to them and they are out for revenge and they are out for rebalancing the universe that was so distorted when they were a child.

"If I have any opportunity in a performance to say to an audience, 'If you abuse a child, you are destroying the future', (I'll take it)."