Sir Ben Kingsley thinks it would be ''artistic suicide'' to do pantomime.

The 'Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb' star doesn't want to follow in the footsteps of legendary actors such as Sir Ian McKellen, who appeared in panto.

When asked if he had ever been tempted to do a musical comedy, he told London Live: ''In Britain? It would be artistic suicide.

''You're trying to tell me that I look like Widow Twanky and I don't know whether to take that personally or not. This is bordering on being quite insulting. I could really get quite upset.''

Meanwhile, Sir Ben - who was knighted by Britain's Queen Elizabeth in 2002 - has recently admitted that the knighthood helped him feel accepted in a way his mother, Anna Goodman, never did.

He said previously: ''My mother refused to acknowledge my knighthood, which I found bitterly hurtful.

''The wonderful woman who is the Queen and who is almost like a mum had said, 'We accept you and love what you do'. But my mother refused to acknowledge it had taken place. She was embarrassed and bitter and jealous.''

He added: ''She had a circuit missing and that made her distant and somewhat baffled by her four children, two girls and two boys. Thinking perhaps it would all go away. Adulthood? Whoa. She couldn't handle it.''