British actor SIR Ben Kingsley is putting his knighthood to good use, by getting access to the world's trouble spots. The GANDHI star has discovered the best thing he can do with his title is use it to cut through international red tape and help highlight the plight of the world's less fortunate. He explains, "It's like becoming an ambassador and I have been able to use my good fortune with some skill because the knighthood has allowed me to be an ambassador for Save The Children and for Relief International. "In the last 18 months my knighthood took me to the Palestine refugee camps to screen the Palestinian dubbed version of Gandhi. It took me to Afghanistan with Save The Children and a documentary film-maker has that visit on film. "I went to Pakistan after the earthquake to the earthquake zone, where I was with Prime Minister AZIZ and General FARUQ. "It's payback time and, if I'm given that title, then I'm privileged to be with these extraordinary people in Pakistan, Palestine and Afghanistan. And to see with my own eyes, in Afghanistan, where you're told it's full of people who want to kill you, whereas in fact they're actually saying, 'Thank God you turned up... Thanks for all you're doing here.' "I think there's a link between the knighthood and being asked by these organisations, 'Would you come and would you be on camera being with these people?' It's my privilege to be with these people and I learned so much."