Oscar-winning actor SIR Ben Kingsley is engaged to be married for the fourth time, to 32-year-old actress DANIELA BARBOSA. Kingsley, 63, first unveiled Barbosa at a Hollywood premiere last January (06), just three months after he divorced his third wife, German aristocrat ALEXANDRA CHRISTMANN. That marriage ended when the GANDHI star discovered pictures of Christmann with another man on the internet - but the experience hasn't put him off marrying again. Kingsley says, "I'm very happy. Marriage is going to happen. But I don't know when, I call her my fiancee because she is." Barbosa - who uses the acting name Daniela Lavender - has only made fleeting film and TV appearances. Her most high-profile acting role to date was as a maid in Sacha Baron Cohen film ALI G INDAHOUSE.