SIR Ben Kingsley has a new-found respect for recovering alcoholics after working with one on a recent film. The Gandhi star is refusing to name names but admits a fellow actor, who he teamed up with on a film last year (06), left him tremendously impressed with his efforts to stay sober. Kingsley says, "I have great respect for people who go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. There was one actor I worked with in a movie last year and I found him amazingly courageous because he told me he used to drink something like two litres of vodka a day. "It was the cheapest of shopping mall vodka you could find and by the morning most of it had gone. He was a very nice guy and I really liked him. "He made me realise that there is life after AA and I do know that people have recovered. "I've never had an addiction. Members of my family did and it's a tough legacy to overcome. My addiction, thank goodness, is acting and adrenalin." The actor admits he was able to channel some of the stories his alcoholic co-star told him into his latest role - as an alcoholic hit man in You Kill Me.