Rural life in Oxfordshire, England stinks for actor SIR Ben Kingsley - because he lives next door to a pig farm. The Oscar winner loves living in the picturesque Cotswolds, but he hates the smells and sounds from his neighbour. The Gandhi star says, "They stink (and) every time they're herded together it sounds like a mass murder; they squeal. It's frightening." Kingsley has no plans to become a farmer himself, although he does have a pet chicken, called Ethel, that he adores. He explains, "She's very happy... and she gives me one or two eggs a day. "Her favourite trick is she greets me... and then she'll run towards me. She'll then turn her back towards me and then I will lift her up and throw her and she says, 'I'm flying, I'm flying, I'm flying.' "Then she lands and runs back and says, `Do it again, do it again.'"