LATEST: SIR Ben Kingsley has apologised for asking to be addressed as 'Sir' both by colleagues and on publicity material - insisting he has no recollection of making the demand.

The actor recently announced there is "no Mr Ben Kingsley anymore" and reportedly chastised a German reporter for failing to address him with his full title.

He also came under fire from fellow knight SIR Roger Moore who branded his supposed insistence on having his full title printed on posters for new movie Lucky Number Slevin as "pretentious b**llocks".

But although co-star Morgan Freeman admits, "He does ask that you call him Sir Ben," Kingsley has protested his innocence in the wake of the embarrassing backlash.

He says, "I was shocked when I found out what had happened.

"No one's ever asked for the title to be used in this way because that's not the way we work in this profession.

"It's always been and will always be Ben Kingsley.

"If I've ever insisted on being called 'Sir' by colleagues on a film set then I am profoundly sorry. I don't remember ever doing that and I tend not to forget."