Actor Ben Foster put his eyesight at risk to play a wide-eyed methamphetamine addict in Justin Timberlake's new film Alpha Dog. The young X-Men: THE LAST STAND star put glaucoma drops in his eyes and wandered around blind during much of the shoot, so he'd look like a wasted drug abuser. He explains, "With the glaucoma drops your pupils are wide open, so you receive more light and the doctors say, 'Don't go near any light.' "I'm on a movie set, so all I have are giant lights! So I'd have my blue blockers (contact lenses). "Then I'd actually hide in the bushes outside at night, covering my eyes between takes so as not to get any light in my eyes and then open them up to do the scene. "I'd talk to (director) NICK (CASSAVETES) with my eyes closed. It actually served the performance, I'm sure."