Director Ben Elton has come under fire for launching a foul-mouthed attack against the British Royal family.
The funnyman was a guest on Australian TV show Good News Week on Monday night (16Nov09) when he began the shocking tirade.
He branded Queen Elizabeth II a "sad, old lady" and continued his tirade by attacking her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and her four children's personal lives.
Elton added, “Her husband is a mad old bigot who wishes it was still the war, three out of four of her kids’ marriages have failed - that’s very common. The eldest one is a disillusioned ­ex-hippie, the middle one a bit of a yob, the youngest lad we used to think took it from behind."
But his comments have sparked outrage Down Under, with viewers complaining in their droves.
One, Michelle Astley, from Melbourne, says, “He was disgusting. He came across as an out of control egomaniac.”