LATEST: The lawyer acting for disgraced DJ TROI TORAIN, sacked after making on-air racial and sexual comments about a rival DJ's wife and four-year-old daughter, yesterday (30MAY06) asked a New York court to dismiss charges against his client. Torain, better known as DJ Star on Power 105.1, is charged with endangering the welfare of a child after threatening to sexually abuse Hot 97 host DJ ENVY's little girl and offering $500 (GBP280) for details about where she went to school. But his lawyer Ben Brafman told Manhattan Criminal Court Torain was only retaliating to similarly degrading personal comments made by rival DJs including Envy, real name RAASHAUN CASEY. In legal papers, Brafman says, "If we are going to criminalise comments made by warring deejays in competing radio broadcasts, then the repeated threats against Mr Torain must be dealt with by authorising the immediate arrest of the offending Hot 97 DJs." The lawyer also claimed political pressure was the reason why Torain is being sued. He said, "I don't believe these cases belong in the criminal courthouse." Torain has since apologised for his controversial remarks, for which he was fired on 10 May (06). He was arrested two days later (12MAY06). Police then confiscated his handgun. Brafman argues that as Torain has committed no crime with the firearm "these (gun) charges will be voluntarily dismissed by the district attorney".