Top attorney Ben Brafman is convinced he was removed from Michael Jackson's defence team because he refuses to be "a yes person".

Jackson let both Brafman and MARK GERAGOS go over the weekend (24/25APR04), just days before he faces an arraignment hearing in Santa Maria, California (30APR04) on child molestation charges.

Brafman insists he wasn't shocked by his former client's decision.

He says, "I knew it was going to happen at some point. "I think people who know me know that I'm very serious about my work. I'm not a yes person. I say what I think."

But Brafman insists Jackson's decision wasn't preempted by Nation of Islam officials.

He adds, "I don't see that at all. It was all about security and scheduling.

"They've all treated me with great respect and we wish him (Jackson) well. I hope this case works out and I really hope he's exonerated."

27/04/2004 02:17