Ben Affleck wooed Jennifer Garner through email.

The 'Juno' actress - who married her actor husband in June 2005 - has admits the Hollywood heartthrob won her over through the internet because he has such a good way with words.

She said: "It helped that we were both single at the time. He's a very good writer."

When asked if he wrote her love letters, she said: "Don't make assumptions. I didn't say that! Okay... e-mail. He's a very persuasive writer."

The 37-year-old beauty - who is previously divorced from actor Scott Foley - said the secret to their relationship was that they were friends before, and knew how to be "goofy" with one another.

She added to Parade magazine: "Ben is sexy and kind, but he's also a riot. We can be very goofy together. He doesn't have trouble wiggling his way in anywhere. Ben is charm personified when he wants to be. He's not easily threatened or made uncomfortable - he's very secure in that way.

"Maybe he just knows I'm nuts about him, and he doesn't have anything to worry about. Don't forget we were friends first for a long time."