Ben Affleck doesn't compete with his actor brother.

The Hollywood star - who directed his younger brother Casey in 'Gone Baby Gone' - insists he feels no jealousy towards his younger sibling, even though he did get frustrated with him on the set of their movie.

Ben explained: "I don't even know what we would compete over. I've seen a bunch of versions of his movies and he's seen mine and we help each other. I mean, if you are working against your brother, you are really in trouble.

"My brother did give me grey hair directing him in 'Gone Baby Gone', which does make me feel a little bit more old. That makes me want to shave his head."

Ben, 38, also revealed that he, Casey and best friend Matt Damon always look out for each other in Hollywood.

Ben - who became an international star when he and Matt wrote and appeared in the Oscar-winning movie 'Good Will Hunting' in 1997 - told the Daily Record newspaper: "I can honestly tell you that with me, Matt and Casey, we are all rooting for one another. We are all looking for one another to succeed. It's hard enough as it is."