Ben Affleck wants to appear in a comic book movie.

The actor-and-director would be delighted to tackle an iconic character, but only if he was presented with an ''original and unique'' story.

He said: ''I would love to do [a comic book movie] if it was the right one, if I thought I could do it well.

''I think you have to, with any movie, have an idea for it that's original and unique and committed to it, and that's a hard thing to find.''

In 2003, Ben starred in 'Daredevil' and revealed he was recently contacted about the possibility of starring in a reboot of the franchise.

While he turned down the opportunity, he hopes filmmakers do better with the material than the film he previously appeared in as the blind guardian angel.

He told MTV News: ''I had a negative experience with the one comic book I liked, it was just a movie that didn't work.

''It's such a shame, because, first of all, 'Daredevil' [is] a great book, great idea, and then right after that, they figured out that it was better to make the movies good, and then they started making them cool and investing in them.

''I felt like I was in the 1930s with that outfit, the trousers, 'Hey, chum, hold up there! This fella's trying to rob a bank!'

''I did love it as a kid, and they're rebooting it. I got contacted about it, and I was like, 'That wouldn't be a reboot [if I was involved],' but I really hope they do a good job, because that's a great property and deserves something really, really good.''