Ben Affleck could be set to reunite with director Gavin O'Connor for 'The Has-Been'.

The 45-year-old actor and O'Connor, 53, previously worked together on the 2016 drama 'The Accountant', and they could be about to work together again on the new Warner Bros. movie.

The film tells the story of a former basketball star who finds himself in an addiction battle after losing his wife.

In a bid to rescue his life, he becomes the coach of an ethnically mixed high school team.

Affleck is being lined up to play the coach, while O'Connor is being eyed to direct the project, according to Deadline.

Affleck and O'Connor's previous collaboration saw the actor play the role of Christian Wolff, who had a high-functioning form of autism.

And the filmmaker subsequently revealed how much he relished the experience of working with the Oscar-winning star.

He shared: ''Here's what we did. We met a lot of autism specialists and educators. And then we met a lot of guys on the spectrum. And then, just as I started this journey, I was sent a three-hour rough cut of a documentary called 'Asperger's Are Us'.

''It's about four guys on the spectrum who are comedians, who have a comedy troupe. And I laughed so hard and I called Ben and said, 'Dude, you've got to watch this with me.'

''So I went over to his house, and we laughed, and that was liberating. That was my introduction to the humour [that can be found in autism]. I knew I wanted to have that element in the film, and so did Ben, but it needed to be proven, needed to be substantiated. This film did that.''