DC Comics are preparing to release Justice League - their answer to Marvel Comics' own multi-hero Avengers movie. And it looks as though Ben Affleck is their first choice of director. According to Variety, Christopher Nolan bowed out of the opportunity, leaving a clear run for Affleck, who has already earned his stripes as a director, with 'The Town' and 'Argo' under his belt and now it looks as though he could be at the helm of this landmark adaptation which would see the likes of Batman, Superman and Green Lantern all join forces.
One thing to consider, of course, would be whether or not Affleck would insist on donning a spot of Lycra and playing one of the superheroes himself; after all, he starred in both 'The Town' and 'Argo,' so you need to wonder whether or not he'd be willing to stay on the other side of the camera for Justice League. Affleck's not said yes to the deal yet but he's expected to be chatting with Warner Bros over the next few days and they'll be keen to get him on board, as he rises through the ranks of their trusted directors. They've been mulling over the release of Justice League for some time but after the phenomenal success of the Avengers movie, they'll be keen to hurry things along.
The drawback for Affleck is that his involvement in Justice League would out him out of action as a director for a couple of years and he's also known to be keen to work on another big screen adaptation - namely Stephen King's 'The Stand.'