Ben Affleck is still living in the family home amidst his divorce from Jennifer Garner.

The former couple officially filed for divorce earlier this week but are in no rush to change their living arrangements as their main focus is their three children.

A source told People magazine: ''They are figuring out what to do about their future living arrangements. For now, they are all living together. One thing they agree on - the kids will stay at the family house.

''Jen and Ben will focus on making things as smoothly as possible for the kids. It's all about what's best for them. The kids went to school as usual, Jen and Ben took turns with drop-off and pick-up. Ben spent alone time with Violet after school. They went for ice cream in Santa Monica.''

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Ben and Jennifer are still ''100 percent committed'' to co-parenting their children - Violet, 11, Seraphina, eight and Samuel, five.

A source said: ''Everything today couldn't have been done more amicably. The divorce filing was only a matter of time. Ben and Jen are both still 100 percent committed to co-parenting their children and making sure their family situation works for them all. You can't have anything better than that.''

The pair are both requesting joint and legal custody of their children during their divorce proceedings and are ''die-hard committed'' to raising their brood.

The insider claimed at the time: ''They have maintained such a strong and beautiful united front to stay lovely and classy towards each other for their kids. They spend so much time working on their relationship - whether it's a friendship or anything - for their kids ...

''Their friendship is there. They are so die-hard committed to co-parenting. Whatever form this relationship is, they'll always have love for each other, and the love they have for their kids is so strong, they won't let anything bring that down.''