The Argo star, who takes on the role of Batman in the new movie, reveals he paid close attention whenever he was on set with Snyder so he could observe his shooting techniques for the box office blockbuster, which incorporated a slew of special effects.

Speaking during a recent press junket for the movie, Affleck denied rumours suggesting he had turned down the opportunity to direct Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice prequel Man of Steel, which Snyder also took charge of in 2013, but he would be interested in future superhero projects after watching the master at work.

"I learned a lot from Zack on this movie," Affleck explained. "One of the really valuable things about it for me, aside from the personal experience of playing the part, was watching a guy who really understands how to make films on this level, with cutting edge technology, combining in-camera stuff with visual effects, and stunts and all the tools at a director's disposal, and seeing how Zack meticulously constructed them using hand drawn storyboards, frame by frame and evolving into the movie that you saw, is a fairly consistent vision."

"I've wondered about directing movies like this before and it was a really valuable learning experience for me to watch Zack do it and see how he did it," he continued. "So I felt like, if that day did come, that I definitely picked up a lot of valuable information and tricks."

However, Affleck insists he isn't about to rush into directing any comic book adaptation, because the project has to be perfect.

"For me as a director, it's about the material and the characters, so if I found the right material I would definitely throw my hat in the ring to direct something on that scale," he said. "I'm definitely more embolden now, certainly having learned and watched Zack and Chris (Terrio, screenwriter) put this movie together."