Ben Affleck admits wife Jennifer Garner is ''the boss'' in their relationship.

The actor has three children - Violet, six, Seraphina, three, and six-month-old Samuel - with the actress and he admits when it comes to major decisions in their life together, Jennifer always has the final say.

When asked if they would have more kids, Ben said: ''I think that being a good husband means realising you're not the boss and you've got to go along with what she wants so my guess is no. We're very happy with what we've got.''

Ben is relieved he and Jennifer have added a son to their family.

The 40-year-old Hollywood star - who is best friends with Matt Damon - was delighted to get a son because now he isn't so outnumbered by girls in his house.

He told 'Access Hollywood': It's nice, I've got a team mate! It's a bit too early to get a sense of his personality but it's pretty exciting, it's pretty cool. I'm very lucky.''

While he is very happy with his life, the director says he hadn't always planned to have a family.

He said: ''Well, 10 years ago I never imagined I'd be married and have kids. I'm very happy though.''