Ben, 44, already has three Golden Globes and if Casey wins a Best Actor in a Drama trophy this weekend, the Afflecks will become the first brothers to win a pair of Globes.

And he hopes Casey can continue his winning streak up to the Oscars next month (Feb17).

"I was trying to see if there were any brothers that have won Oscars for separate movies for separate categories in separate years, and I'm not sure there are," he tells Entertainment Tonight. "Warren Beatty and Shirley MACLaine both won, and they're siblings, but they're not brothers."

Ben admits he's very proud of the way his little brother is handling the pressure of awards season, adding, "He's doing great... It's a lot of pressure and a lot of stress, but, you know, he's got a very solid constitution and a good head on his shoulders. You know, he's a grown man, so he's dealing with it well."

The Argo director and star will be attending the Globes on Sunday, but he's determined not to be the butt of any jokes host Jimmy Fallon may have lined up: "I'm getting a seat way in the back!" he jokes. "I'm hiding!"

It's a big weekend for the Afflecks - Ben's daughter Seraphina turned eight on Friday (06Jan17).