Ben Affleck can handle being ''fodder'' for critics, according to director David Fincher.

The 42-year-old actor worked with Fincher for 'Gone Girl' and the filmmaker and although he has attracted criticism for some of his roles and unwanted attention due to his romances with famous women, Fincher insists he dismisses it and uses it to improve his performances.

Fincher said: ''Ben went through a period of his life where he was fodder; I guess he still is in a weird way. And you wonder, 'When will they let him off?'

''But it's really good to have somebody who understands how nutty that is. What it's like to live in a house where you have to draw the drapes, just in case [of photographers].''

Despite his huge fame, 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' star Affleck - who is married to Jennifer Garner - has no ego on set and is very generous with his co-stars and crew and is considerate to all the people he works with.

Speaking to The Guardian's Guide magazine, Fincher, 52, revealed: ''He's very bright. And I think he sort of tempers how people react to him; he's cautious about that. He doesn't want to make anybody feel bad.

''It's fun to watch somebody who is so willing to sublimate themselves in order to make everything better - or more lubricated - and put him in a situation where he's got to speak for himself.''