Hollywood hunk Ben Affleck avenged childhood friend DJ BILLY COSTA'S cruel remarks about his failed relationship with JENNIFER LOPEZ - by having him thrown out of the VIP area of a baseball game.

The JERSEY GIRL star was so hurt by Boston's Kiss-108 presenter's insults that he demanded he was removed from of the BOSTON RED SOX game at the city's NOMAR BOWL on Wednesday (26MAY04).

The DJ was forcibly removed by the star's representative and confesses, "Sure, I've taken some shots at him, but we go back. What's he thinking?

"I told his holder that I just wanted to say hi and she said, 'Ben is aware you're here and he doesn't want to do your show!'"

Minutes later Costa was ordered to leave the VIP area because he and KISS morning show host MATT SIEGEL had joked repeatedly about Affleck, his romance with Jennifer Lopez and his recent bad luck at the box office.

"We kind of had fun with it and I always had it in the back of my head that he might not be too happy to see me."

28/05/2004 18:00