Hollywood hunks Ben Affleck and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's publicist Ken Sunshine has made a TV plea to save his clients from the "stalkerazzi".

Sunshine is appalled by the desperate methods some showbiz photographers use to get snaps of his stars, who include Justin Timberlake and Eminem.

And, after watching one snapper fall after being accidentally hit by Britney Spears' car earlier this week (20JUN04), Sunshine has made a public plea to boycott the paparazzi who go too far.

Appearing on entertainment news show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, he says, "I'm putting a plea out to all publicists like me, and to anybody involved in the world of celebrities to once and for all stop it or put a halt to it before somebody really does get killed or really injured."

Sunshine admits he's encouraged by California legislation, which is aimed at protecting the stars.

He says, "I hear from the legislators in California the chances are getting better, particularly if there's an outcry from the entertainment community.

"The other more practical end is for media outlets to stop buying this stuff. Don't do business with stalkerazzi."

24/06/2004 09:16