Ben Affleck is hoping to kickstart his career as a writer-director by adapting DENNIS LEHANE's detective novels into movies.

The PEARL HARBOR star has been given a boost by the success of CLINT EASTWOOD's MYSTIC RIVER - a Lehane adaptation - and now his plans to turn his favourite novel, GONE, BABY, GONE, into a film seem set to go ahead.

Affleck says, "I love those books and I'm psyched because Paramount loves Mystic River and they're like, 'Let's go, turn it in, let's do it.'"

The movie star, who won an OSCAR for co-writing Good Will Hunting, hopes this will be the beginning of his movie making dreams.

He adds, "Ultimately, what I'd really like to do is stop acting and start writing and directing.

"Life has been good to me. But I'd like to live a different kind of life. Something different from this."

11/11/2003 02:14