Ben Affleck's contract with cosmetics giant L'OREAL threatens to jeopardise his career as a movie tough guy - according to Hollywood insiders.

The Changing Lanes actor recently signed a $1 million (GBP660,000) contract with the company to promote their haircare range - and sources for gossip site THE SCOOP reckon the deal's worried movie executives.

The source says, "The ads will be seen overseas, but it's attracted so much publicity in the US, that it's a problem. Also, there's a huge audience for action movies overseas, so how that will play remains a question. But this is not good."

However, a spokesperson for PARAMOUNT - which is producing Affleck's latest movie PAYCHECK - dismisses the fears, stating, "This is absolutely ridiculous. There's no problem at all."

And Affleck's spokesperson adds, "I'm not going to dignify such a ridiculous question with a response."

But one unnamed Hollywood producer is reported to have poured scorn on Affleck's move, saying, "What was he thinking? Do a car ad or a beer ad, but could you imagine Harrison Ford looking into a camera and saying with a straight face, 'It may cost more, but I'm worth it.'"

02/06/2003 21:07