Hollywood supercouple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez happily allow each other to shoot sexy love scenes with other on-screen partners - because they share a deep trust.

The engaged couple met on the set of flop movie Gigli and began a relationship shortly after filming ended, and the fact that they both behaved like complete professionals during the sexy shoot helped them avoid any jealously.

And Affleck - who appears alongside Kill Bill beauty Uma Thurman in new movie PAYCHECK - insists his fiance rarely gets jealous of other women in his life.

He says, "Jennifer's not really jealous. She's pretty confident. She's tough. She gets it. If it really bothered her, she'd say something. But she's done sex scenes herself.

"She just did one with Robert Redford for her next movie AN UNFINISHED LIFE and I'm good about it. Interestingly enough, in Gigli, I actually did a love scene with Jennifer before we got together so we both know that we conduct ourselves professionally.

"It's an interesting way to build trust because I think there are some actors who want to blur the line when they do a sex scene. I'm just not one of them."

05/01/2004 18:21