Movie star Ben Affleck has spent the past few weeks "moaning" about his health problems - which forced him to cancel an appearance at the British premiere of Jersey Girl.

Affleck told BBC RADIO 1 he was upset to have missed the London screening of the KEVIN SMITH-directed comedy earlier this month (02JUN04), as he was in and out of hospital in his native Massachusetts with a throat infection.

He explains, "I was sorry to have not been there, what happened was they thought I'd got bronchitis then they thought I had meningitis and I had a spinal tap.

"I had one of those nightmare cycles in the hospital and the spinal tap leaked and I was sort of laid up."

After three stays at the BETH ISRAEL DEACONESS MEDICAL CENTER, Affleck is slowly feeling better, partially thanks to his new girlfriend ENZA SAMBATARO.

Affleck says, "I try to moan enough so that they will pay attention but I try not to moan so much that when I leave they'll be snickering to each other, talking about what a wimp I was, you know.

"But I guess I kinda fall somewhere in the middle, you know. I think I'm alright, but it's never that much fun to have them poking and sticking at you and stuff."

15/06/2004 13:35