Ben Affleck movie career has suffered because he's been grossly "over-exposed" in such a short space of time, according to movie specialists.

The struggling actor has starred in five films - DAREDEVIL, Gigli, PAYCHECK, Jersey Girl and SURVIVING CHRISTMAS - in just two years, most of which have flopped at the box office and been subjected to critical maulings.

And industry professionals predict bosses of mega-budget blockbusters will now be reluctant to hire him, therefore restricting his chances of a dramatic comeback.

MIKE GOODRIDGE of America's SCREEN INTERNATIONAL magazine says, "People are now very wary of putting him in big action films. Frankly, the way his career's been managed has been shocking."

In contrast, Affleck's pal Matt Damon has scored major global hits with The Bourne Identity and THE Bourne Supremacy.

10/12/2004 17:13