Newly-single superstar Ben Affleck is throwing himself into a new screenwriting collaboration with best pal Matt Damon, following his split with fiancee Jennifer Lopez.

The GOOD WILL HUNTING OSCAR-winners burst into Tinseltown in 1997 with their acclaimed script about a maths genius and his troubled relationships - and now the pair hope to repeat their success with a brand new project.

Sources say that DOGMA star Affleck is desperate to reclaim his credibility after spending much of 2003 the subject of salacious gossip columns thanks to this romance with J.LO.

And in an effort to lower his profile, the hunky star plans to concentrate on "spending more time behind the camera, writing, directing, producing".

An insider says, "The script is along the same lines as Good Will Hunting. It's set in Boston and deals with relationships.

"He's tired of his face being on the National Enquirer and wants to dial it all back a bit."

26/01/2004 17:34