Ben Affleck poked fun at Matt Damon on American TV on Saturday night (02OCT04), claiming his friend's comments about stars who only take roles in potential blockbusters were aimed at him.

Hosting the season debut of satirical show Saturday Night Live, Affleck launched an into-camera attack on his pal for comments he allegedly made about actors who only take on the big roles.

He joked, "Listen bro', we all know who you're talking about. It's been kind of a mainstream year for me; OK, stop rubbing it in. I get halfway through PAYCHECK, I went to ask the theatre manager for my money back and I remembered I was in it.

"I know you're not into stardom but help me out here. I can't seem to recall which CHEKHOV play THE Bourne Supremacy is based on. I'm sure they'll be studying OCEAN'S TWELVE in the film classes at USC (University of Southern California), believe me, because OCEAN'S ELEVEN left so many unanswered questions."

Affleck also poked fun at his ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez, adding, "You wait 'til you lose your mind and make two movies in a row with your girlfriend."

He concluded his joke rant by poking fun at his pal's friendship with George Clooney: "By the way, street cred, how's Clooney's yacht treating you? Is there a phone on that thing? I've been trying to call you for three weeks."

04/10/2004 02:51