LATEST: Hollywood star Ben Affleck has waived his usual multi-million dollar fee to play actor George Reeves in a desperate bid to regain critical acclaim and box office success.

The struggling actor's last four films - Gigli, PAYCHECK, Jersey Girl and SURVIVING CHRISTMAS - all flopped, but he hopes playing the SUPERMAN star in TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY, who was mysteriously shot dead in Beverly Hills in 1959, will impress audiences and revive his flagging career.

And Affleck is so convinced the fact-based drama is the perfect project for him at this juncture of his life, he's taken a massive pay cut - and will only earn $2.8 million (GBP1.5 million).

OSCAR-winning actor Adrien Brody co-stars in the upcoming film as a detective investigating Reeves' death. The movie is scheduled to begin filming this summer (05).

24/02/2005 14:37