Ben Affleck missed out on watching his beloved hometown baseball team BOSTON RED SOX scoop an historic victory on Wednesday (20OCT04) - because he feared he'd be pelted with bottles.

The GIGLI star was elated when his team beat arch rivals the NEW YORK YANKEES, after decades of failure, but as the game was held in the Big Apple, he thought it best not to attend.

He says, "I refuse to go to Yankee Stadium, because I know that it'll just be a parade of hot dogs and beer on my head the whole time."

But Affleck, who used to dream of becoming a baseball player, does have on big regret - that he didn't bet on his team winning. He admits, "I should have (bet)... To come back from being down 3-0, no one had ever even forced a game seven in the history of professional baseball or in the history of professional basketball.

"Out of the 273 times teams have been down 3-0 in all of the professional sports, only two teams every won and that's hockey. So (the odds must have been) at least 300-1, and if you consider it's the Red Sox, you were sure they were gonna lose."

Affleck shared his victory pride with fans on Friday (22OCT04), when he walked out wearing his Boston Red Sox cap on Jay Leno's chat show.

25/10/2004 02:52