Ben Affleck has become so attached to his adopted state Georgia, he now plans to run for public office there.

The DAREDEVIL star, whose palatial home is in Savannah, has long been a supporter for America's Democratic party, and would now like to try his hand at getting into politics in the southern state, as a show of gratitude for the peaceful times locals allow him to have whenever he's down there.

Affleck, who fell in love with Georgia after filming forces of nature there with Sandra Bullock, says, "Ultimately, there's a part of me that would like to work in politics and participate in that in some way.

"It's definitely something I would consider. If I run I definitely am gonna work and be involved in local politics. I already am in Georgia and will continue to (be), particularly coastal Georgia, which I really love and I think is beautiful.

"The people are wonderful and the country is wonderful. I have a place in LA, but mostly when I wanna be at my calmest and happiest I go down there."

But Affleck, ex-fiance of Jennifer Lopez, does draw the line with his political ambitions - he'd never run for presidency.

He adds, "I can't imagine anything worse than being a candidate in a political campaign. I know what it's like to have my life laid bare. It's unpleasant - I wouldn't wanna have to do that.

"It's a tremendous sacrifice. Your family goes through an enormously difficult time and if you're successful, you've doomed your life - and your family - to a somewhat abnormal existence but it's public service... and I do think it's admirable."

18/03/2004 08:59