Ben Affleck has expressed his sorrow at the death of actor Spalding Gray, whose body was found in New York City's East River earlier this month (MAR04).

Affleck, who worked with Gray on the 1996 movie GLORY DAZE, is still in shock over the suspected suicide - especially because musician Elliott Smith killed himself just months earlier.

He says of Gray, "I worked with him eight years ago. I knew that he was a really gifted guy and I knew how funny and sweet and kind he was.

"Elliott Smith, who did the music for Good Will Hunting killed himself (late last) year. It's a difficult thing.

"Often times depression hides itself quite well, and you don't know that people are suffering from it and dealing with it alone.

"Sometimes being gifted like that comes with also being very troubled and I'm not sure why. But it was definitely the case with him."

18/03/2004 02:14