LATEST: Movie hunk Ben Affleck dumped his TV executive girlfriend ENZA SAMBATARO to start dating DAREDEVIL co-star Jennifer Garner, according to pals.

The Pearl Harbor actor - who was poised to marry Jennifer Lopez last year (03) - first got close to 32-year-old Garner when they worked on the comic book adaptation, but romance didn't blossom until recently.

But when the pair bumped into each other two months ago, sparks flew, prompting Affleck to cool his burgeoning relationship with Sambataro.

A source says, "They hit it off then and met up again recently at a charity fundraiser.

"Ben pursued Jennifer - not the other way around - and things just very quickly escalated from there."

Garner recently split with ALIAS co-star Michael Vartan, her first boyfriend since her divorce from husband Scott Foley.

05/09/2004 14:06