Hollywood star Ben Affleck is eyeing up a stint on the London stage - and he hopes his ex Gwyneth Paltrow will let him stay at her home while he's performing in the British capital.

Affleck, who is currently in the UK promoting his new movie PAYCHECK, is keen to tread the West End boards following his brother CASEY's successful stint in hit show THIS IS OUR YOUTH, alongside his pal Matt Damon.

However, the actor - who's engaged to Latina stunner JENNIFER LOPEZ - is ruling out the prospect of buying a home in Britain, because he already owns enough houses.

He says, "I'm not sure that I would buy a house any time soon, I have enough places to live and I like staying in and visiting hotels actually. And I have friends here, I don't know, maybe Gwyneth would let me stay there, and CHRIS (MARTIN, her Coldplay husband). Maybe they have a guest room at their place.

"The West End stage seems like a more likely possibility. It's something that my brother did with Matt Damon, and it was great, so it's made it look very very appealing and it's something I'd love to do given the right piece of material."

12/01/2004 21:31