Ben Affleck has made an astonishing swipe at longterm pal, director KEVIN SMITH - accusing him of exploiting teenage fans of his cult films.

Affleck has appeared in five of Smith's films, starting with 1995's Mallrats and most recently this year's (04) Jersey Girl.

But Smith was reportedly upset Affleck snubbed the DVD launch of Jersey Girl - and Affleck has hit back while publicising new movie SURVIVING CHRISTMAS.

He told THE SCOOP, "It wasn't enough that I went to Vegas to play in his lame charity poker tournament for the DVD launch of Jersey Girl, but I also had to go out to his f***ing store where he's opening a store where all he's doing is selling more T-shirts of him and his jacka** friend (Jason Mewes) and he's roped in an entire generation of kids into thinking it's worth spending $30 on and $50 if he signs it.

"I mean the whole thing is a complete travesty and he wanted me to participate in it and I won't do that."

25/10/2004 17:18