Movie pals Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are looking to team up professionally again - as co-directors. The Oscar-winning pals, who teamed up as writers and actors in Good Will Hunting, actors in DOGMA and producers for reality TV series PROJECT GREENLIGHT, are looking to work together again. Damon reveals, "Ben and I found a project to co-direct that we might be able to get off the ground. "We're just kind of on the hunt for something good. Directing feels like a natural extension, having written and then acted for all these years. It just feels like I gotta try it." Damon will make his directorial debut on the project, while Affleck made his debut back in 1993 with the film I KILLED MY GIRLFRIEND, HUNG HER ON A MEAT HOOK, AND NOW I HAVE A THREE PICTURE DEAL AT SONY. Affleck has just finished directing his second film GONE, BABY, GONE.