Hollywood hunks Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been ordered to appear at an advertising presentation, in a bid to garner financial support for their fading show PROJECT GREENLIGHT.

The GOOD WILL HUNTING OSCAR winners have agreed to attend but will cost the BRAVO company a staggering $45,000 (GBP25,000) - because they're demanding to be flown in on private jets and put up in five star hotels.

An industry insider tells American website PAGE SIX, "Bravo insisted that Matt and Ben be there together to glad-hand all the advertisers because they didn't think the show would garner interest by itself.

"But the funny thing is, the show is about making an independent low-budget movie, and yet Ben insisted that he be flown in on a private jet and stay at the PENINSULA HOTEL.

"Matt is also being flown in from Prague where he's shooting THE BOURNE SUPREMACY. They are costing Bravo like $45,000 for one day."

Bravo's president JEFF GASPIN responded by saying, "I didn't insist they come - I requested and they said yes.

"Ben got on a plane from Los Angeles with eight other executives including NBC head JEFF ZUCKER. It's his problem as to how he's getting back. We always ask which hotel people prefer."

08/04/2004 20:57