Bella Thorne doesn't wash her face in the morning to prevent cystic acne breakouts.

The 21-year-old actress has opened up about her life-long struggle with the skin condition, which results from blocked pores that cause infection and red bumps, and the star revealed that she used to ''over-wash'' her face, which caused her to get spots, but since ditching the ritual her skin has drastically improved.

She said: ''I don't wash my face in the morning because there's a thing called 'over-washing' your face and when I had really bad acne that was one of the things I stopped and it actually helped me.''

And Bella insisted that she is creating her own skincare line after using a regime that ''changed her life''.

She added: ''My first-step is moisturiser. My skin has been a long time in the works, I don't even know how many years I've had cystic acne but it started off with dermatitis and I tried basically everything you can think of, like burning it off with a vampire facials, every laser you can think of but then I met this woman that changed my life and now I'm recreating her product in my acne line.''

The 'Midnight Sun' star went on to reveal that because of her acne she will now do her own make-up when she is at home and on set.

She added: ''The change in my skin has caused me to only ever do my own make-up, which is always a fun thing for me to get in contractually.''

Bella went on to reveal that she likes to keep her make-up look very ''natural'' and not look too perfect.

Speaking in a US Vogue Beauty Secrets YouTube tutorial, she said: ''My mom changed my look a lot of the times when I was younger, I've seen photos of me with really barely any eyebrows, thicker eyebrows, with really light eyebrows, but how I like them now is pretty natural. I don't like the whole perfection look, it doesn't really work for me. Covering acne you need to dot and pat with concealer, not swipe.''