Bella Thorne has split up with her boyfriend of more than two years, Tristan Klier.

The 16-year-old actress confirmed that they recently decided to part ways after being asked about their relationship status on Twitter on Sunday (24.08.14).

After a fan asked: ''Are u still with Tristan or not? I'm confused...'' the 'Shake It Up' star responded: ''No I'm not.''

It is not yet known what led to their break-up.

Bella previously revealed she made Tristan wait six weeks before he was allowed to kiss her when they first started dating.

Earlier this summer, she said: ''Tristan was not a relationship guy before me. On our first date, he thought I was going to be just like the other girls he had met who would always give it up and kiss him right away... I waited six weeks - I had to make sure he was in it to win it.''

The 'Blended' actress also credited her late father, Reinaldo, who passed away when she was nine years old, for her ambition.

She recalled: ''There was no stopping him; it didn't matter what anybody said. For me, I feel like it's a cool way to bring him into my life because he did great things in his life, and I want to emulate that.''