Bella Thorne's boyfriend has made her more positive.

The 20-year-old actress admitted she has ''changed so much of [her] mindset'' since meeting musician Mod Sun, because his outlook on life is a lot more optimistic than her own.

She said: ''Meeting someone that's just so happy, you know that's kind of his whole thing, and for me [as] someone who's a little bit glass half empty, it really is nice for me to have someone on my back that's like, 'No, it's good, it's good, it's good,' even when it's bad.

''You're always your harshest critic.

''[But now] when I see me going toward the negative I'm like ,'Bella, go toward the positive.''

The 'Midnight Sun' actress also admitted she finds it ''hurtful'' when people make assumptions about her because of the way she dresses.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I think the most hurtful [thing is] when people look at you and they're like, 'Oh, [you're] dressing a certain way. You have to be covered up or else you're a sl*t of some sort,' or whatever they want to call you. Whatever demeaning term they think fits you best.''

In January, Thorne added her voice to the growing Time's Up movement when she took to Instagram to reveal that she'd been the victim of sexual abuse as a child.

In January, Bella claimed she had been a victim of sexual abuse when she was younger and she admitted her past experiences have made her take the misconceptions about her ''a little bit more to heart.''

She added: ''If someone says, like, 'Why do you dress that way? Is it because something that happened when you were younger?' And you're like, 'Oh, maybe it actually is. Hmm, that's a good point.' You know, it's like kind of those small moments where you're like 'Oof, I wish that didn't dig as deep as it did.' ''