Bella Thorne was devastated when her boyfriend told her he ''hated'' one of her songs.

The 20-year-old singer-and-actress learned never to date someone who wouldn't ''motivate or encourage'' her after having her music trashed by a guy she was romantically involved with, because his cruel comments left her feeling ''like s**t''.

She recalled: ''If you're dating someone that's not going to motivate you or encourage you, don't date them. You should straight up just be out of the relationship right then and there.

''I dated somebody and sent him a song that I recorded and he was like, 'This is honestly not very good at all. I'm sorry. I kind of hate this song. You sound awful.' I was like, 'That feels like s**t. That hurts on the inside, man.

''It's the worst thing when you're dating somebody who is just like, 'You're s**t.' ''

The 'Midnight Sun' actress - who is now dating rapper Mod Sun - recalled her first crush was on a guy she used to do modelling assignments with.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''There was this boy that I worked with a bunch in modelling. I kept working with this boy and I thought he was so cute at the time.''

Bella recently admitted her current relationship has changed her outlook on life because Mod Sun is such a positive person.

She said: ''Meeting someone that's just so happy, you know that's kind of his whole thing, and for me [as] someone who's a little bit glass half empty, it really is nice for me to have someone on my back that's like, 'No, it's good, it's good, it's good,' even when it's bad.

''You're always your harshest critic.

''[But now] when I see me going toward the negative I'm like ,'Bella, go toward the positive.''