Bella Thorne is ''getting closer'' to finding the alleged hacker who threatened to release her nude photos.

The 21-year-old actress posted naked pictures of herself online in order to take her ''power back'' after an alleged hacker threatened to release them without her consent, and she's now shared a text message exchange on social media which seems to hint she's close to finding the person who made the threats.

On her Instagram Story, the 'Famous in Love' actress shared a text message that was sent to her phone, which revealed Bella is not looking to ''solicit criminal charges'' against the alleged hacker, but said ''experts'' are working hard to find the ''correct person responsible for the insensitive invasion'' of Bella's privacy.

The message read: ''Rest assure my friend we are working on solving this to get you piece of mind!

''Respecting your wishes to not solicit criminal charges; we've had to solicit expert assistance with making 100% sure we have I'd the correct person responsible for these insensitive invasion of your privacy.

''This person is way more sophisticated than we thought or a your run of the mill hacker! (sic)''

Bella captioned the screenshot: ''Getting closer to finding this guy'', alongside an angry emoji.

Following her decision to post her photos before the alleged hacker could, Bella received backlash from Whoopi Goldberg, who claimed she should have known to just not ''take nude pictures of yourself'' as a celebrity.

And the star recently fired back at 'The View' panelist for making her ''feel really bad'' about herself, and accused her of sending the wrong message to young girls.

In an emotional video posted to social media, she said: ''I was supposed to be on 'The View' but honestly I don't feel like being beaten down by a bunch of older women for my body and my sexuality.

''I just want to say that me watching this interview made me feel really bad about myself. I hope you're happy. I really do.

''I really hope you're so f***ing happy because I can only imagine all of the kids who have their s**t released and then they commit suicide.

''You're so crazy for thinking such terrible things on such an awful situation ...

''I don't really want you guys talking about your views to young girls. I would not want my [future] daughter learning that and I would never say that to her. OK, I'm done.''