Bella Hadid is ''obsessed'' with the idea of dying her hair a bold colour.

The 21-year-old model has made a career appearing in campaigns and on runways with her dark brunette locks and brows, but she admitted to missing the blue hair she sported when she was younger and would go back to the bright colour if she wasn't a model.

Speaking to about her favourite hairstyles from her modelling jobs, she said: ''Oooh, this was the Fendi show in Milan! I was obsessed with it because my hair was [once] that blue. Maybe I should just do it [dye my hair]. I'm not gonna ask anybody!

''I love pink hair. I [had] blue hair when I was 15, so, I'm used to colouring. If I didn't model, I'd have my hair light blue. I don't know if I'd go all the way pink. Growing up, I wanted light pastel-y hair. That was a fun moment. Should I do it? My hair might be pink next week!''

The Dior ambassador chopped her long locks into a short bob last year - which she wasn't allowed to debut until the Met ball because of a top secret magazine cover - and she admitted to playing it safe with her hairstyles after the big change by opting for a wavy, tousled look because her new hair made her feel self-conscious.

She said: ''This [short hair] was for the 2017 Met Ball. I shot a cover and I wasn't allowed to show my hair for the two weeks before it would come out, so I kept my hair in a beanie and in ponytails. [Here] was when I showed it off. That was a big cut for me. This [hairstyle] was pretty much my go-to at the time, when my hair was still short. I was self-conscious about it still. Normally, I'd wake up in the morning and just go. But with my short hair, I had to style it because it'd get all crazy when I slept. I didn't like to have to blow-dry my hair.''

And the Victoria's Secret model wears minimal make-up but her go-to look is black winged eye-liner because it makes her bright green eyes stand out.

She said: ''I like to start with a wing. It always ends up elongating by the end of the day. I think that it kind of lifts my eyes, which is why I always put my hair back. It's the best shape for my eyes.''