Bella Hadid wasn't allowed to buy any designer garments until she was 18.

The 20-year-old supermodel has revealed her mother Yolanda encouraged her and her older sister Gigi, 21, to ''obsess'' over shoes, but the 53-year-old parent forbid her daughters from splashing out on luxury items until they reached the milestone and could afford to purchase the expensive product themselves.

Speaking in a Facebook Live Q&A with Grazia magazine, the brunette beauty said: ''My mum started us with obsessing [over shoes], she always told us when we were 18 we couldn't have anything designer until we were 18 and could afford it by ourselves. So I bought my first pair of Louboutins when I was 18, when I could afford it, and the same with my sister.''

But the catwalk icon - who has graced the catwalk for prestigious fashion brands including Balmain, Fendi and Victoria's Secret - has admitted the red-soled stilettos are utterly ruined now because she has worn them to death.

She explained: ''Now, if you saw those Louboutins you would laugh at me I think I should frame them. I wore them to every single fitting, every single casting since I was 17. They are dead. No they are past tired. They don't even know where they live any more, they are scared for their life.''

But Bella now has three shoe wardrobes to select from as she swaps footwear with her sibling, who has ''the coolest shoes'' and her mum, although 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star doesn't like it when her brood raids her wardrobe and don't return her possessions.

Bella continued: ''She [Gigi] has the coolest shoes.

''Now we switch shoes, so if she has a pair of shoes why do I need to buy them? We have three closets of shoes pretty much, which is amazing. My mum doesn't let us borrow her shoes anymore because we steal them and forget to give them back.''