Bella Hadid believes taking care of your health is the ''ultimate hack'' when it comes to having great looking skin.

The 21-year-old beauty is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after catwalk models and magazine cover stars along with her sister Gigi Hadid and making sure her face is always fresh is her priority.

And Bella has been given a piece of invaluable advice from her former model mother Yolanda Hadid, 54, to keep her skin glowing - drink lots of water and prep your face before applying makeup.

Speaking to, the Dior ambassador said: ''Taking care of your skin over anything is the one beauty tip I swear by, it's the one tip that my mom gave to me. Before makeup, it's always about what's underneath, so I like to switch up my products a lot and try the best thing that works for me. So, as well as drinking a lot of water, keeping your skin the best it can be and really taking care of yourself before you apply your makeup is my ultimate beauty hack.''

The Victoria's Secret model wishes more women in the fashion industry ''realised'' their beauty, and says the modelling world can be a ''beautiful'' place when women work together.

She explained: ''The girls that don't realise how beautiful they are, it makes me sad because sometimes people get wrapped up in the fashion industry and think it's about the way you look but it's more about everyone working together collaboratively, and it's a really beautiful industry when you look at the good sides of it.''

And on her days off Bella feels the most ''sexy'' when she's relaxing in ''baggy clothes''.

She said: ''Growing up I always rode horses and wasn't into the way I dressed. Now I actually enjoy being in baggier clothes and sweatpants and that's what makes me feel sexy, have a confident stance and take on the world - and then you'll feel sexy.''