Bella Hadid is ''so incredibly proud'' of her mother Yolanda.

The 20-year-old model has praised her mother Yolanda for recently releasing her candid memoir 'Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease', and says she's ''so excited'' to be able to support her.

Speaking at a signing for Yolanda's book - which details her struggle with the tick-transmitted disease that Bella and her 18-year-old brother Anwar also suffer from - the brunette beauty told Us Weekly magazine: ''I'm so incredibly proud of my mom always, but especially with this book. I was so excited to be here and support her!''

Bella's support for her mother - who also has 22-year-old daughter Gigi - comes after the 53-year-old television personality previously revealed she ''wanted to die'' after she was diagnosed with the neurological condition, but fought through her feelings of ''hopelessness'' because of her brood.

She said: ''I just was hopeless and didn't see how I was going to get out of the dark hole. I wanted to die, but the next second, I looked at a picture of my sweet kids. They are my reason for fighting.''

And the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star is determined to find a cure for Lyme disease in her life time, so she can give her children the ''life they deserve''.

She added: ''My greatest gift would be if I can find the cure before I leave this planet, so they can live a life they deserve.''

Meanwhile, Yolanda recently said writing her memoir was ''hard'', as she was forced to relive some of her worst moments.

She said: ''It was hard because I struggled with a brain function issue for so many years.

''I think that I had to get some of my brain back to getting to the point of being able to write a book.

''It was hard to relive it but also brought up all the important memories that I needed and wanted to share.''